How to... help using our new online community

by Admin_maggies

We have added some tips below to help you find your way around our new online community.

How to...

View my profile

When you register, you create a profile which you can view and edit this at any time when you are logged in.

If you would like to see what your profile looks like to other members of the online community just log in and click on your profile picture. Your profile picture is the circular picture in the top left of the screen on laptops, desktops and tablets (iPads) and in the top right of the screen if you are using a mobile. This opens a new menu. Choose ‘your profile’ from the menu.

Make changes to/update my profile settings

Log in, click on your profile picture and choose ‘profile settings’ from the menu. Make the changes you want to your registered email address and personal details then click on ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.

Change my email settings

Log in, click on your profile picture and choose ‘profile settings’ from the menu. Select the 'email settings' tab. You can then choose if/when you would like to receive emails about activity on the online community. 

Edit my password

Go to your profile setting as above then select the 'edit password' tab. You will be asked to enter your old password and then the password you wish to change it to. Nb. your password must have a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least one number. It is also case sensitive. 

Look at someone else’s profile

You will need to first log in. Then either:

Click on the member's username of the profile you would like to see – you will see this anywhere they have posted content e.g. in the discussion forum.


Click on ‘community’ in the main menu. This is in the left-hand column on laptop, desktop and tablet (iPad).

If you are using a mobile you will need to open the menu in the top right next to your profile picture circle (the three horizontal bar icon). 
Once on the community page you will see a list of all members and the online team. Click on the username of the profile you want to see, this will take you to their profile page. 

How to send a personal message

If you are a registered member of Maggie's online community you can send private messages to the online team and other members of the community.


  1. Go to a member's profile page as above
  2. Click on ‘send PM’ under their username. This will open the message form
  3. Write your message then click on 'send message' at the bottom right of the window

If you are using a mobile, go to the profile page and click on the + sign in the bottom right of the screen and then on 'send message' this will take you to the message form. 

Or, you can also write and sort messages from your own 'private messages' page.

  1. Click on your circular profile picture (top left screen for desktop and tablets and top right of the screen for mobiles). 
  2. Choose private messages from the menu
  3. Click on 'create message' at the top of the screen and a message form will appear. If you are using a mobile just click on the + sign in the bottom right and then ‘new message’
  4. Start typing the name of the member you want to send the message to in the ‘To’ box and choose the name you want from the drop down list
  5. When you have finished typing your message select 'send message' at the bottom of the form ( it is s good idea to copy your message before pressing send if you have taken a while to write it as sometimes you may have been logged out)