Looking for your old profile?

by Robyn_maggies

This message only applies to visitors who have a profile registered on our old Online Centre 

You are currently visiting our new online community and we would love you to register if you haven't already.

You may also wish to access your profile on our old Online Centre – this will only be available for a limited time so please read the information below.

The Online centre will shortly be unavailable to use. We are unable to transfer any content you posted in blogs, conversations, groups or personal messages from the online centre to the new community so please log in to your old profile and copy any content you wish to keep. Visit the old Online Centre please note this link may take until Wednesday 24 July to work in all areas. 

We plan to keep the old Online Centre available for you to do this until Monday 13 September however, the system is old and fragile and it may not be possible, despite our efforts to keep it live until then, so, if you want to copy content, please do so as soon as possible.  

An email with details about the closure of the Online Centre and what happens to your profile along with a personalised link to register for the new community has been sent to the email address you registered for Maggie's Online Centre.

If you haven't received the email by Friday 26 July, are unable to log in, or have questions about your profile please contact the online team at as soon as possible 

Best wishes