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I am Bogman Palmjaguar--the subject of Luke Fowler's 2007 film, widely shown around Britain and abroad--non hodgkins lymphoma caught up with me in 2011 aged 61, chemo. Tumour shrunk but still there. Pure living, no smoking, alcohol, etc. Pure water, food, etc. So the cancer epidemic caught up with a man as shy and as elusive to the human race as my symbolic animal the jaguar --decades of persecutuion i survived--the truth of my life in the open before the world to see in film, even known to Hollywood. So particularly vulnerable in my 60s with cancer--weak, etc. I have an evidence based website to go with the film on me-- which also covers the cancer. So a vulnerable man whose life before the world to see and used to hiding out in nature laid low in cancer epidemic--also non cancerous bilateral lymphoedema. So two medical problems--one cancerous, the other non cancerous. Known as a non criminal outlaw rock gardener, rock outlaw, in my life's circumstances. Need to be hundreds of miles south for any future cancer developments. Put Bogman Palmjaguar into google. So even a man as hidden as the jaguar and the Scottish wildcat due to persecution known to Hollywood and around Britain and abroad in film about me needs friends in cancer vulnerability--seeking friends from the wider world from my hidden world.

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