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Hello - My name is Sue, and I am one of the cancer support specialists here at the Maggie's Online Centre (read more about the CSS role in Robyn's blog, 'cancer support specialists').

I have worked as a specialist cancer nurse for many years, mainly in oncology and palliative care. I trained as a nurse in the RAF, before working in hospitals, hospices, and the final post in the NHS was as a breast care nurse specialist, before joining Maggie's Oxford in 2010.

In October 2012, I was fortunate enough to be offered a similar role, online, and it is a job I love. It's a little more challenging making sure that people feel welcomed and valued by the written word, rather than face to face - but that is an aspect I enjoy.

I work here online on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. In my spare time, I walk the dogs, garden, listen to music, drink tea and write short stories.

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