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I’m Tom, the Online Centre Benefits Advisor. I’ve been an advisor since the 1980s and currently combine working part time in the Online Centre, with training and writing on - yes, you guessed it -  benefits. :-).

My usual days are Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. You can of course message me at any time day or night, but I will certainly not be able to immediately respond on e.g. Wednesday mornings, especially not at 3.00 am :-) But I will get back to you as soon as I am next on , even if it has to only be a brief acknowledgement at first, ahead of a fuller reply. 

The benefits system can seem a bit of maze and a changing one two - an unprecedented period of change, cuts and confusion and that's just among the people running the system :-) More and more differences are emerging depending on where you live as some benefits are localised and devloved.

The main problem with incorrect payments is not the fraud that makes exciting reading and dayrime TV, but the far greater amount - over ten times more by official estimates - that simply quietly goes unclaimed. 

There may some holes and shrinkage in benefits, but they can make a real difference. While some only apply if your income is low or reduced, many others do not and you may well be entitled regardless of income or savings. So please don't leave your entitlement unchecked nor your benefits unclaimed.

Getting to those benefits can feel hard, lonely and disheartening, at times: most people don't like to have to claim in the first place - but it's your right and insurance payout to do so -  and the paperwork and DWP silos can put you off at a time when you may not be feeling at your best.

There's quite a range of benefits support available in the Online Centre to help you. Please see the Benefits Blog outlining the current range of support - available here

Some times you might want to just read up a bit .There are many other Benefit Blogs too, built up over recent years. and you can get friendly, helpul information on most benefits and related issues. Please click on "View All Blog Entries " - on the red bar below  - to see the full back catalogue :-).

Other times you migh just want to post a general query, let off steam or ask for / give support from/to others: share in the wisdom and support of fellow Centre members. Please join one of the Benefits Advice Conversations - available here. 

But we can also chat privately about your situation individually. Just message me at any time - use the buttons on this page top left to do that .

We can then carry on swapping messages and/or set up a Booked Benefits Session. It's not a once only offer, as we can carry on until everything is securely in place for now and reconnect as things change.

I look forward to hearing from you, but for have now an Online Centre (((hug))) until we next meet about the place.


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