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Hello I am Caroline ‘carolineh’ the nutritional advisor at Maggie’s Online.
My interest in nutrition started with teaching food and science and nutrition in school and supporting pupils with eating disorders. I left teaching in 2000 to further my studies and undertook a 5 year BSC in nutritional medicine later followed by post graduate study. I now regularly attend continual professional development days to keep myself updated in Nutrition and Nutritional Practice. As you may realise it is for ever changing so I spend alot of time keeping up to date with the latest research so that I can pass it on.

I have been working as the online Nutritional advisor for 6 years and also spend some time seeing private clients who need support because of cancer.

 Online we offer a range of ways that can be used to find out more about nutrition and healthy eating, via blogs, conversation posts, live groups , private groups and individual booked sessions. You can find out more in my blog:- Nutrition online services update.

I am a very keen cook, and always have my head in the latest nutrition/cookbook, and spend Sunday's cooking new recipes for my extended family to share around the dining table.  I also try and spend as much of my spare time as I can with my grandchildren in our village near Cirencester.

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